Saturday, January 29, 2011

Okay well I know I suck at this, well I'm still reading City of Bones, I so shoul dhave been done, but reading it online is so not convient casue when I don't want to be on the pc I can't read, so hopefull by the end of week. I love the book so far alot...My lisa girl gave me a crapload of awesome books, and my first cross stitch assignment... we will see how that goes. I have had granskids all week so wasnt able to get started.... well I will be back soon

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  1. And we all know what a handful those grandkids can be :-D
    You should invest in an e-reader so you can take ALL your books with you ANYWHERE you go. They are really going down in price now too. Check out Amazon's Kindle vs. Barnes&Noble's Nook and see what you think. Let me know when you are getting started on the Cross-Stitch and don't feel pressured about reading fast, it takes all the pleasure out of the experience.
    ♥ H U G S ♥