Saturday, January 29, 2011

Okay well I know I suck at this, well I'm still reading City of Bones, I so shoul dhave been done, but reading it online is so not convient casue when I don't want to be on the pc I can't read, so hopefull by the end of week. I love the book so far alot...My lisa girl gave me a crapload of awesome books, and my first cross stitch assignment... we will see how that goes. I have had granskids all week so wasnt able to get started.... well I will be back soon

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Book and personal updates

Well thi sis my new book, City of Bones, this is a series and already its and awesome book. The Angels and Demons was a great book. Very interesting. As far as the home front all is well, The snow is melting...yea maybe spring coming soon. I miss my babies sooo much. Hoepfully Amber and Chris willl be here soon, who knows about them though. Wish I could convince Crystal and RJ, Of course Tracy lynn will never give us a try. Well so far so good, We have shift bids going on again at work....we shall see what I get this time. ...well until next time Have a nice Day

Friday, January 7, 2011

Okay so I have started reading my new Book Angels and Demons, so far so good, I'm at chapter 33 or 25% into the book. I'm reading online cause I don;t have the book so it slows down my reading process. But no problem. I'm going to challenge myslef to try and learn to cross stitch. I can crochet havent done it in like 15 years so not even sue I can do it anymore, so if cross stitching isnt for me I may attempt to crochet again maybe make a baby blanket for Alishas baby. Well Hope everyone has a blessed day, I will be checking in here with a new blog in a few days... by the way did I mention Lisa is a wonderful friend?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okay so Ihave taken Lisa's Challenge the New Author or Series and this begins both for me and since I'm a beginner I have to read five or have five authors so here goes I will let you know how this goes as I read more.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year has begun

Well here goes the New Year blogging thing, I really made no Resolution other than try to be happy and this blog...Changes that have started this year is Brandon the youngest has moved here to Nc with me, he looking for a job now and then an apartment. Chris and Amber claim they are moving here , will beleive when I see it. I'm seroiously thinking of going back to school for Nursing, haven't made a commitment yet but we will see. I hope this year is a little more financially stable than the last, I'm happy so this is a good sign, many changes coming I feel them just hoping for the best. Also I think If I'm correct Lisa challenged me to read Five books before Jan 15th??? waiting on confirmation on that